Gatwick Airport North & South Terminals

This piece covers the No.1 Lounges and other options at Gatwick North and South.
First up, the No.1 lounges (one at North and South). We’re not so keen on the fact they’re bar service rather than help yourself (especially when it’s busy), but there gluten free food offering is decent. You can order beans with gluten free toast which is not a big portion, but enough to tide you over for a while. There is also a cheese board that can be done gluten free (we haven’t tried this) or you can order a bacon roll on gluten free bread (it doesn’t give that option on the menu and it says before 11am only but we got it one evening and were told it was no problem).

Other items that were available:
Toast with jam or marmalade
Caramel Shortbread
Salads (when we were there last the Quinoa and Squash, Honey and Mustard Potato, Winter Slaw were all gluten free)
Soup (this changes daily so just check with staff)

Gluten free menu here

The lounge can get a bit crammed at peak times, but its a nice place to chill and you know you will get some decent gluten free food whilst you’re there so if you’re flying out of Gatwick and have access (available with lounge cards, priority pass) go for it. You can also pay to get in.

If you don’t have access or fancy paying for a lounge there are plenty of other options.

North terminal
At Costa you will likely be limited to a brownie or soup currently. At Eat there are usually one or two hot bowls available such as chilli or often around this time of year a Christmas dinner in a bowl. Jaimie’s Italian has a wide selection including gluten free pasta, Pret salads are a great option, we are particular fans of the Beets, Squash & Feta quinoa and brown rice salad. At Wagamama there are rice noodle or rice options – just ask. At Starbuck’s their new chicken and pesto sandwich is delicious and would be our go to on the move option.


South terminal
At Gatwick South you have our favourite a cheeky Nando’s with the various chicken options and the chips gluten free. Their omelette is also a great choice for breakfasts and far superior quality to Jamie’s Italian, although Jamie’s does have bacon rolls.

bacon roll

Then there is the Grain Store where you can get gluten free bread for a grilled chicken sandwich.

grain store

You’ll also have options at Cafe Nero (an egg roll last time we were in), Costa (as above), Giraffe (limited and underwhelming options) and Pret (as above).

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