Lo-dough – quite literally the best thing since sliced bread (and only 39 calories!)

39 calories, no jokes. This is an absolute revelation. So convenient and damn tasty. Never mind the midweek faff making a cauliflower base, just take one of these out the pack and have a guilt free pizza base or wrap.


Before cooking they feel a little foamy but once they’ve been in the oven or pan for ten minutes these bad boys are a great lighter airier equivalent to their gluten counterparts.


The northern lads who came up with these have done a great job. I can’t wait to get some more and have them to hand as a super easy midweek dinner or a healthier weekend treat (they’ve got a 3 month shelf life so they’ll be ready when you are).


Pizza with tomato base, jalapeños, sun blushed tomato and mozzarella

All ingredients are gluten free but it does contain certified gluten free wheat fibre which may be unsuitable for some (hopefully not for you). You can get them online at https://lodough.co/ only £5 for two plus 10% off with this exclusive Gluten Dodgers discount code NOVM26B9KER1, free UK delivery (EU and International delivery available too.

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