Celia: think Czech lager, organic ingredients & natural fizz for less bloating

Celia Organic and Celia Dark. Two Czech handcrafted beers, three simple ingredients, all gluten free.

Celia Organic is refreshing, with a little bitter hopp-iness. Light tart and fresh, it’s silicon filtered making it vegan and gluten free. Light perhaps because of the natural carbonation which gives it enough tingle, but not the fizz of a mass manufactured lager, which apparently causes less bloating. The downside, you might find it a little watery compared to what you’re used to, but there’s something nice about knowing you’re drinking a beer more natural, hand rather than machine made and batch brewed in the cellars of a 14th century castle. Maybe it’ll even give less of a hangover (no promises).


Celia Dark is definitely dark. Malty, intense with a hint of liquorice, like rye bread in a bottle: warming, dense, luxurious and nutty. It has a sweetness and something intriguing to it and I imagine it would be perfect sat next to a log fire with rain battering off the windows. I’m not a dark lager fan, but this one definitely tickled my taste buds (and everyone I gave a try of it). It’s naturally carbonated, organic and hand crafted just like its little brother.


All in all, if I saw these in a bar or supermarket I’d definitely go for them, especially the Celia Dark on a cold winter’s night. These are subtle, well made, natural beers that feel like they hark back to the good old days of booze making, avoiding machines and chemicals. And that definitely deserves some kudos.

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