I’m not loving it: McDonald’s no plans for gluten free burgers in the UK

A few months ago we discovered that a select few McDonald’s in Amsterdam have been trialling gluten free buns so we were pretty excited to try them when we visited recently. We opted for the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and it was so so good. You could tell the roll was gluten free (but only just) and the combo of all the flavours, complete with sesame seed topping, gave the full McDonald’s taste experience.

Since then we’ve found it hard to go back to the inconvenience of McDonald’s in the UK, with only two real options: 1) Eat just fries; or 2) Have to man up and ask for a burger without the bun to then awkwardly eat in or rush home to put it in a gluten free roll. And then re-heat in the microwave  making the chips go a bit soggy. Neither situation that satisfying. So we got in touch with McDonald’s UK hoping for some welcome news on the trial in Amsterdam and introduction of gluten free burgers in the UK. The rather disappointing response was:

McDonald’s UK has no plans at present to introduce gluten free products onto our menu.  I do hope you can appreciate that we have a limited menu and within this we would offer the items that appeal to the majority of our customers.” McDonald’s Customer Services

This has made us feel pretty let down. It’s not like the gluten free market in the UK isn’t booming. Just seems McDonald’s here doesn’t have the appetite to make it happen. The more we think about it the more it’s making us a little angry, so watch this space for a McDonald’s vs. Burger King campaign to get the first UK fast food joint doing gluten free buns. If Pizza Hut and Domino’s can make pizza work, we’re sure someone can do burgers.  Come on guys.

3 thoughts on “I’m not loving it: McDonald’s no plans for gluten free burgers in the UK

  1. I’m a coeliac in Norway and here McD and Burger King have offered gluten free buns for years, in all their restaurants. I’ve never been exposed to any gluten when in McD (I don’t like Burger King much) so I can’t understand why McD in the UK wouldn’t be able to do the same.

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