The Weekender: sweetcorn and chilli fritter, with bacon and avocado

This is the perfect healthy brunch. No bread in sight and it tastes amazing. Recipe from Joe Wicks Lean in 15.

One tin of sweetcorn

5 table spoons self raising flour

One egg

1/3 the sweetcorn tin of water 

Cheese (feta or cheddar are good)

One chilli finely chopped

Chuck it all in a bowl. Mix it round until it thickens a little but is still light. Coconut oil or butter in frying pan, chuck some mixture in to whatever size you want to make. 2 mins then flip and same on the other side. Serve with avocado, bacon, maybe some tomato salsa. Sometimes we mix the cooked bacon into the mixture, you can basically put whatever you like in – ham, chorizo, sausage.

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