We fought for our beer and won it…

Well it wasn’t really a fight, we just asked nicely. Gluten free Daura Damn was being stocked in our local Clapham High St Sainsbury’s in the beer aisle and making us very happy (apart from the £7.50 price tag). We were supping ice cold beers at BBQs enjoying the sunshine, until one say it disappeared from the shelves. We tweeted @sainsburys and were informed it had been discontinued. We sulked.

That got us nowhere so we decided to take action. We wrote to the store manager and got a lovely reply staying they would ask their buyer to reinstate it. A few weeks later and it has re-appeared, this time in the gluten free aisle (a better place for it in our opinion – easier for gluten dodgers to come across). We also got a lovely email from the store manager saying they had tried it and thought it was a great lager. Go Sainsbury’s 🙂

We say it is cruel for gluten dodgers to be denied beer so badger your local store and let us know how you get on mail@glutendodgers.co.uk

You can also get Duara Damn in all Honest Burger joints. More to follow on that later.

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