The Pepper Tree – Thai sit in and takeaway


A friend organised dinner here and I was dreading it a little as I always find Thai and Chinese difficult as they use lots of soy sauce and I often find the language barrier leaves me lacking confidence in whether my meal is actually going to be gluten free. The Pepper Tree was a pleasant surprise. I called before I went (I like to avoid too much attention at the table) and was impressed when they said they had a gluten free menu. Happy Days.

On the night I got the gluten free menu and the staff were lovely, therefore knew exactly what I could have and was confident they knew what they were talking about. The food was decent and it’s 5 mins from my flat so great for take-away too (and they have a gluten free button on the til and your receipt with your take-away states gluten free on it).

Recommendation: Thai Chilli Chicken with cashews (gluten free sauce)

Overall score: 4/5
Gluten dodging score: 5/5

Price: £


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