Gluten free pizza and beer around every corner…


What am I talking about? I’m talking about Pizza Express’s gluten free launch (sit-in or takeaway) with the option of almost every pizza on their menu and a gluten free lager to go with it. Accredited by Coeliac UK and with over 400 restaurants there should be one pretty near you.


Recommend:  Il Padrino (chicken, roasted tomatoes, chargrilled vegetables, mozzarella with a tomato & pesto base, oh and I added some jalapenos to spice it up a bit) and a gluten free pilsner (nice light lager)
rating: 4/5
price: £

Other mainstream gluten free pizza options now available are:

Pizza Hut (sit in, takeaway or delivery) – decent pizza, but no beer

Domino’s (takeaway or delivery) – pretty poor base and too small

Prezzo (sit-in) – good pizza, but again no beer

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